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Kunshan American Industrial Park
Kunshan City is located at the eastern end of the Yangtze River Delta the most economically active in China and ranks first among the top 100 counties in the country. Kunshan "American Industrial Village" was founded in 2006 and is a garden-style industrial plant suitable for industry and high-tech industries. The factory has 16 standard workshops and a comprehensive service building with a total land area of 182000 square meters and a total construction area of 120000 square meters. It adopts a fully enclosed and unified management model.
Contact information:
Manager Shi
Mobile phone: 13901855880
Phone: 0512-57261001
Fax: 0512-57261015
Address: Meidong Co. Ltd. Factory 6 No. 238 Chenfeng Road Wusongjiang Development Zone Kunshan City Jiangsu Province
Zip code: 215300
NO. Company
1 Kunshan Magna Automotive System Co., Ltd High-tech Branch
2 Italpresse Industrie (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
3 Shape Net-Shape China Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
4 Kunshan Nittan Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd
5 Roechling Machined Components(Kunshan)Co.,Ltd.
6 Suzhou Wochi Logistics Co.,Ltd
7 Kleemann Lifts (China) Co. Ltd.
8 VSC Advanced Material (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
9 KunShan Productin Mold Co.,Ltd.
10 Kunshan Cowain Metal Technology Co., Ltd.
11 Kunshan Songhao Air Tech Co., Ltd
12 Kunshan Best Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
13 ET Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
14 Cast Precision Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
15 Vossloh Fastening Systems (China) Co., Ltd
16 Zhongyu Valve Components Suzhou Co., Ltd.
17 Kunshan Blopak Technology Co., Ltd.
18 Kunshan Hongfu Metal Products Co., Ltd.
19 Kunshan Hexing Metal Materials Co., Ltd.
20 Kunshan Junxiong Tempered Glass Co.,Ltd