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Shenyang American Industrial Park
 Founded in October 2007 it is located in the Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone. Developed solely by Meidong Company with an investment of 280 million yuan it is the sixth large-scale garden-style modern industrial park constructed by Meidong Co. Ltd. in China with a unified model and standard suitable for industrial and high-tech industries. There are 23 industrial plants in the factory with a total land area of 264000 square meters and a building area of 153000 square meters. At present 80% of the settled customers are suppliers of BMW Brilliance Automotive Interiors.
Contact information:
Manager Huang
Mobile: 13478336520
Phone: 024-25326333
Fax: 024-25326033
Address: No. 40 Hunhe 20th Street Economic and Technological Development Zone Shenyang
Post Code: 110023
NO. Company
1 PQI Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
2 CRH Automotive Asia (Shenyang) Co.,Ltd.
3 Eagle Ottawa China Ltd, Shenyang Branch
4 Shenyang Antolin Auto-Parts Co., Ltd.
5 Shenyang Branch of Treves (Beijing) Co., Ltd
6 Borgers Tuopu (Shenyang) Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd
7 HP Pelzer Automotive Interior Systems (Taicang) Co., Ltd.
8 PWO High-Tech Metal Components(SuZhou) Co., Ltd.
9 Jingye (Shenyang) Auto Composite Materials LLC
10 Gebauer & Griller Kabelwerke GmbH
11 Shenyang Tian Kangxin Trading Co., Ltd
12 Otto (Shenyang) Soundproof Accessories Co., Ltd.
13 Boss Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.
14 Shenyang Deyou Painting Technology Co., Ltd.
15 Shenyang Zhongsheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
16 Shenyang Aibesi Jinghua Auto Parts Co., Ltd.